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Item List

Berry-Oat Bars

Our Berry-Oat bars are packed with a combination of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries on a crisp, oat crust. These are wheat-free, vegan, and sugar-free! Individually packaged.


Our brownies are rich, moist, and fudgy. Wheat free. Available plan or with walnuts. Individually wrapped.


Rich and cream cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, topped with a dollop of vanilla bean frosting. Perfect size for one.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Gluten-free & vegan (GF/V) rich and creamy chocolate mousse on an Oreo cookie base, topped with a few more chocolate chips. A chocolate lover's dream!

Coconut Macaroons

Rounded mounds of coconut macaroons hand dipped in dark chocolate are a coconut lover's dream. Individually packed.


A variety of house-made cookies, individually packed. Current selection includes Almond Butter, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal-Raisin-Cranberry, Snickerdoodle, and GF/V Lemon Crinkle.

Frosted Banana Cake

Gluten-free & vegan (GF/V) moist banana cake with chocolate chips, cinnamon cream cheez frosting, topped with crushed banana chips.

Granola Bar

Soft and chewy granola bar packed with dates, almonds, oats, coconut, chocolate chips, and other goodies. Wheat free. Vegan. No added sugar.

Lemon Bars

Our lemon bars are creamy and packed with lemony goodness, on a crisp, shortbread crust. Individually packaged.

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