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What People Are Saying
About Sarah Bellum's Bakery

Lemon Bars.jpeg

"That is the best lemon bar I have ever had in my life. The cupcakes taste as good as my grandmother's, and she was a very good cook."

-Joan B.



"Fabulous cupcakes and mission as well as personable staff!"

-Margaret C.



"SOOOOO delicious! Eating for a good cause!"

-Karinna F.


"You got everything right!

Thank you for yummy GF/Vegan cupcakes & your beautiful mission!"

-Denise A.


"Very personal service and experience. You were so grateful that we were there. Great cause, great experience and great cupcakes!! Feel free to share this comment on any platform you wish. Thank you!!"

-Jeffrey B.


"The cupcakes were wonderful and all the more delicious knowing that the proceeds help those in such special need."

-Linda M

Apple Pie Cake.jpg

"This cake is like nothing I've ever had before. I want to take people to try this cake and tell them that this is something they have to try in their lives. It is so good!"


Sweet Potato Pie.JPG

"These cupcakes are sublime!

Moist, flavorful, and not too sweet!

Thank you for your nonprofit program."



"Those cheesecakes are the bomb!

So creamy and tasty!" 


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