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We need your support today!

Since we first established our program in 2016, we have supported more than 80 adults with acquired brain injury (ABI) to thrive in our community. We are the only non-profit, community-based, return-to-work program supporting adults with ABI in the Northwest! We foster community, build resilience and hope, and offer job-training skills for this under-served and under-resourced community. Our unique functional rehabilitation bakery program provides no-cost training, support, and services for adults with ABI who have been otherwise unable to return to work or feel connection in our community. We exist to support this community and to “Change Lives One Cupcake at a Time.”

Sarah Bellum’s Bakery is not designed to be a production bakery, where the team bakes products with enough volume to cover all costs. Our focus remains on our mission, and we have been successfully Changing Lives! Retail sales of our baked goods fund about 50% of our operational costs; we run a significant deficit each month in order to provide the needed supports for our community. As a result, our program is only able to continue with outside support. Some people are surprised to learn that we do not receive any governmental support. Individual contributions, corporate donations, and foundation grants are required to sustain our work.

Sarah Bellum's Bakery & Workshop is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 82-4548535). All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank You for the Support!
We are grateful to our donors and supporters for your generous contributions. Without your support, we would not be able to continue to provide the only no-cost community re-integration program that empowers adults with acquired brain injury to re-build a sense of meaning, purpose, and identity through return to work in our functioning bakery program, making excellent baked goods!

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors: 
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Logo for Progressive Rehabilitation Associates, Rehab Without Walls with PRA in large blue font.
Thank you image with a cupcake and list of all donors from 2021.

Our Team Thanks You!

Image of our team members all wearing our red T-shirts, smiling and enjoying at a farmer's market booth.
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